ManufacturerIQD Frequency Products
Manufacturer Part NumberCFPT-9301 FX A 26.0000MHZ
DescriptionCrystal Oscillator VCTCXO, 26 MHz, 1 ppm, HCMOS, 3.3 V, SMD, 5mm x 3.2mm.
Stock CodeW002233
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Surface mount temperature compensated voltage controlled crystal oscillators for medium to high volume applications where small size and high performance are prerequisites. Manufactured for us by Rakon utilising their Pluto™ ASIC technology and capable of sub 0.3ppm performance over an extended temperature range. Its ability to function down to a supply voltage of 2.4V and low power consumption makes it particularly suitable for mobile applications



Supply Voltage (DC)

3.30 V

Rise Time

8.00 ns

REACH SVHC Compliance


Operating Temperature

-40.0 °C (min)

Load Capacitance

15.0 pF


26.0 MHz