Manufacturer Part Number10.000MHZ HC49/4H/30/50/40/18PF/ATF
DescriptionCrystal, THT, 10.000MHz
Stock CodeW010644
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HC49-4H crystals share the same base outline as the industrystandard HC49 crystal. The crystal uses at AT-cut strip crystal with an hermetically sealed can. HC49-4H crystals provide a low cost source of system clock frequency.

  • Frequency Range: 3.2MHz to 70.0MHz Oscillation Mode AT-Cut
  • Fundamental: 3.2MHz to 30.0MHz BT-Cut
  • Fundamental: 24.0MHz to 48.0MHz AT-Cut 3rd
  • Overtone: 27.0MHz to 70.0MHz
  • Calibration Tolerance at 25ºC AT-Cut: ±30ppm (tolerance to ±10ppm is available.)
  • BT-Cut: ±30ppm Frequency Stability AT-Cut: ±30ppm over -10° to +60°C (Stability to ±10ppm is available)
  • BT-Cut: ±100ppm pver -10 to +60°C Load Capacitance (CL): Series or from 8pF to 32pF
  • Ageing at 25°C: ±3ppm maximum, 1st year, ±1ppm per year thereafter.
  • Drive Level: 100mWatts typ., 500mWatts max.
  • Storage Temperature Range: -50° to +105°C
  • Crystal Holder: Resistance-weld hermetic seal
  • RoHS Status: Compliant


REACH SVHC Compliance




Number of Pins


Operating Temperature

-40.0 °C (min)


10.0 MHz

Load Capacitance

18.0 pF