Manufacturer Part NumberMCMF0W2FF2201A10
DescriptionMETAL FILM RESISTOR, 2.2KOHM, 500mW, 1%
Stock CodeW007142
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The MCMF0W4BB1002A50 is a metal film Fixed Resistor with a rod type ceramic body and tin-plated iron surface steel end cap. This MCMF series axial leaded through hole resistor features annealed copper coated with tin lead wire and sky blue insulated epoxy resin coating. This resistor can be joined by welding. The terminal leads shall be bent through 90° at a point of about 6mm from the body of the resistor and shall be rotated through 360° about the original axis of the bent terminal in alternating direction for a total of 3 rotations.
  • 1000MΩ Minimum insulation resistance
  • 500V Dielectric withstanding voltage
  • 250V Maximum working voltage
  • 500V Maximum overload voltage
  • -55 to 155°C Operating temperature range

Temperature Coefficient

-50.0 ppm/°C to 50.0 ppm/°C

Voltage Rating (DC)

350 V



Resistance Tolerance



2.20 kΩ

Power Rating

500 mW

Number of Pins