Manufacturer Part NumberC1608Y5V1H104Z
DescriptionMLCC Capacitor 0603 0.1uF 50volts Y5V +80-20%
Stock CodeW000514

  • High capacitance has been achieved through precision technologies that enable the use of multiple thinner ceramic dielectric layers.
  • A monolithic structure ensures superior mechanical strength and reliability.
  • High-accuracy automatic mounting is facilitated through the maintenance of very precise dimensional tolerances.
  • Composed of only ceramics and metals, these capacitors provide extremely dependable performance, exhibiting virtually no degradation even when subjected to temperature extremes.
  • Low stray capacitance ensures high conformity with nominal values, thereby simplifying the circuit design process.
  • Low residual inductance assures superior frequency characteristics.
  • Because electrostatic capacity has been obtained up to the electrolytic capacitor range, these capacitors offer long service life and are optimally suited for power supply designs that require high levels of reliability.
  • Owing to their low ESR and excellent frequency characteristics, these products are optimally suited for high frequency and high-density type power supplies.